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FastGuys.Net is a very small family run and oriented internet hosting service born out of need. While working closely with the not for profit Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Club whose focus is providing safety crews, safety crew training as well as a road racing school and track day events all run by volunteers we discovered their internet hosting provider was dreadful. Paying for services that were terribly slow was only the beginning. Their emails had become grey-listed due to some spammer people abusing the shared mail server and the provider outright declined to put forth any effort to solve the problem. Then the final straw, literally losing data because the provider without noticed restored backups over production data costing large amounts of lost man hours in work. Frustrated, annoyed and truly disappointed FastGuys.Net was born. Since MARRC has had nothing but flawless online operations with zero downtime. Since others have joined the FastGuys.Net enjoying the bliss of a problem free environment.

So as you may see FastGuys.Net has a thematic association to motorcycle road racing. This association is in part is to pay tribute to those who participate in the sport. Not so much the big corporate sponsored racing leagues but the little guys/gals. Those who it often takes a noticeable amount of their resources to participate in the sport at an amateur level or even simple track day events because they love it! These people are brave, they are smart and extremely dedicated to their passion. And as you might have guessed, many of them are FAST! Going over 150 mph on a track is a very exciting experience. An experience that is very difficult to explain but once had no explanation is necessary!

FastGuys.Net has no intension of competing with the big guys but has every intension of helping those who the big guys have not treated as a valued customer. Our services focus is quality! Your information is available, reliable, safe and FAST!

So if you have internet needs, be it personal, a team, a small business, a club, just about anyone. Give FastGuys.Net an opportunity to show you quality and personal caring still do actually exist!

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