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We are the new internet hosting and domain name registration service you've been waiting for!

FastGuys.Net prides itself on being, well, FAST! Our servers and services are not restricted, throttled, timed or overloaded in any way.

At this time, FastGuys.Net matrix of servers and services are still under development, so please stop back soon to take a look at our quality services.

IF YOU NEED HELP NOW, please use our Contact area and let us know. We would be happy to get you up and running as long as you don't mind the dust!

Many Internet hosting services offer lots of disk space and many features like php, mysql, email, applications and more in their low cost environments. What they often don't tell you is these services are often overloaded with shared websites being tasked to their capacity.
  • Sometimes environments are over tasked to the point of being unreliable!
  • Hosts use throttled bandwidth resulting your web applications performing very slowly!
  • Often service providers will use shared email servers on a timer so your mail doesn't send/receive right away and even in some cases gray listing from being abused, delaying your mail even more!

FastGuys.Net absolutely does not limit your bandwidth peak usage, limit your cpu usage or in any way slow you down! Our hosts use their own dedicated mail services directly to your domain name. So everything is FAST as we can make it!

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